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- Rosalynn Carter
  Former First Lady of the United States

There are only 4 kinds of people in the world:

Those who have been caregivers,

Those who are caregivers,

Those who will be caregivers,

And those who will need caregivers.


Caregiving Rates

There is no one size fits all when it comes to caregiving. That's what makes it so special, knowing you and your loved ones will receive unique care fit to meet your needs.

At Precision Adult Care Services, we strive to offer a care service that helps and makes all family members involved happy. Just like each case is different, our care rates vary depending on your requested hours, days, and needs. You can trust our rates are set competitively and fair.


We believe in order for our services to succeed, all involved members must feel satisfied to be a part of our agency. This includes our employees. That is why we personally handpick and not outsource all our caregivers. So we can interview to make sure they share the same passion in assisting the elderly and provide a better quality of life to all those around them. This process then assures that our represented caregivers provide our professional services in a manner that not only completes the job but betters the lives of our clients.


We encourage you to give us a call and set a free in-home consultation. Our care staff will be glad to sit down with you, provide further information specific to you and answer any questions you may have.

Therapy Session


Your Long Term Care or Private Insurance may be able to help cover some of your in-home care cost. Though it might be difficult to even begin to figure out if you're covered, we're here to say, "Precision Adult Care Services can help."

The same insurance provider doesn't have the same terms set for each policy holder. We can assist you in connecting with your insurances's correct department and speaking with a representative about your coverage. Once your insurance provider confirms you're covered for non-medical in-home care, we can request the proper paperwork to submit as your primary caregiving agency so they can then provide a portion of the cost to you.


We want our clients, and everyone for that matter, to appropriately receive the care they need. We pride ourselves on assistance and aim to do just that by keeping our phone lines available to any questions about insurance coverage. Call today to speak with our care staff about how your insurance may help pay for your care.