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Aging has its challenges, but you shouldn't face them alone.
Learn how our caregivers help seniors stay happy, healthy, and safe at home.

Thank You!

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Our dedicated home care aides provide high-quality and reliable care for seniors and their families.

With a reputation built on trust, Precision Adult Care Services focuses on hiring only professional, caring, and compatible caregivers.


Professional In-Home

One of the main reasons seniors seek in-home care is for assistance with activities of daily living. ADLs are defined as, "daily self-care activities or routines performed every day such as cooking, bathing, getting dressed, using the restroom, and mobility."

Chat with the Nursing Home Attendant

Others need a higher level of attention due to health conditions, hospitalization, injury, or simply due to old age and that's ok!

We're the professional choice with compassionate caregivers able to care for and attend all these needs.

Our Services

Read about our services to find which home care best fits your needs.
Not sure? Give us a call! We'll be happy to help find what's most appropriate for you.

Are you the one caring for a family member? 

Our respite care is continued care for your loved one while you are away. Allow yourself to rest in confidence, our caregivers can take it from here.

Have a question?

Need a response now?

Give us a call or submit a contact form with the care that interest you and we'll respond shortly.

Help us get to
know you better

We understand it can be unnerving when

considering home care services,

so we've included what to expect when you schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.

Get to know the world of Caregiving 

We'll introduce you to what  Caregiving services are, what it includes, and what you should expect.

Open discussion of your needs & how we help

Time is focused on listening to your condition, reviewing your requirements, and outlining the possible areas of improvement

Structure a Care Plan with future planning 

A personalized Care Plan is constructed for you with progress in mind, clear information and guided support.

Receive a safety assessment of your home

Before we leave, we offer a checklist of common hazards within the home complete with our safety recommendations

Upon completion,
we're confident you'll feel confident
about senior in-home care.

Does your insurance cover
in-home care?

How much will it cost?

We communicate and work with long-term care insurances (LTCs) to help pay for your required care.

Don't have long-term care?

No problem! Talk with one of our care staff to discuss receiving service only on the days and hours you need.

In-home care may be more affordable than you think. Find out more by visiting our Rates and Insurance page!

You can count on Us

Even if our services are not the match for you,

we keep our doors and phone lines open to anyone with questions about in-home caregiving.

It can be a daunting start but we want you to know,

we are here for you from beginning to end and every step of the way.

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