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Caregiver Training: Continuing Education with The Alzheimer's Association June 2024

Updated: Jul 9

This monthly class serves as a dedicated platform for our Caregivers to delve into a range of essential topics concerning the profound importance of delivering exceptional care to our Clients. Each session offers a unique opportunity for our Caregivers to enhance their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the complexities involved in caregiving.

During the month of June, the primary focus of the class was on the critical aspect of managing combative behavior. This particular topic is crucial as it equips our Caregivers with valuable insights and strategies on how to effectively handle challenging situations that may arise while providing care to our Clients. By exploring techniques and best practices for managing combative behavior, our Caregivers are better prepared to respond calmly, professionally, and compassionately in such circumstances, ensuring the safety and well-being of both themselves and the Clients under their care.

Through interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, our Caregivers not only learn how to de-escalate tense situations but also develop a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of combative behavior. By empowering our Caregivers with the necessary tools and knowledge, we aim to foster a supportive and nurturing environment where both our Caregivers and Clients can thrive.

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Best, PACS Team



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