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National Pastry Day !

Today is National Pastry Day! Can you believe it has been a year already since last National Pastry Day! We Can’t 😉 We asked around the office to find out what our Care Coordinators favorite pastries are….

Henry… “Mine is a bear claw I remember when I was first dating my wife, we used to go to a Café in La Quinta and have a date and enjoy bear claws together.” Chris…

“Mine is Baklava, I remember growing up instead of a cake my mom would make me a tray of Baklava just for myself and I am not ashamed to admit I would finish that tray in one helping.”

What’s your favorite pastry? Do you like to bake but maybe need a little help in the kitchen? Call (760) 625-8622 to see how Precision Adult Care Service can help enhance your daily life by helping you with those small things that make you feel great!

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