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Caregivers: Is it better to hire private duty or a professional care company?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Those seeking information for in-home senior care may simply be unaware of the options, levels, and resources available to them because they have never been in need of any care services before.

As a result, a common assumption and reaction is to look for an independent/private duty caregiver by asking friends or neighbors for a referral; sometimes in order to save time and money.

However, it is important to understand, when seniors hire private duty caregivers, they themselves become the responsible employer and assume all legal and financial responsibilities.

Not to mention being dawned the task of interviewing candidates, preforming background checks, fingerprinting, and doing extensive research in order to feel confident with the type of care delivered. In most cases, the individual hired may ultimately not work out after a short period of time resulting in having to go through the entire finding, interviewing, and hiring, process all over again.

With private care, there is no guarantee prospects coming to your home are actually qualified in all areas of caregiving or able to provide the level of services you desire.

The highly potential outcomes of hiring a non-company private caregiver include:

  • Poor quality of care

  • Inconsistent care

  • No backup personnel available

  • Added management stress

  • Legal ramifications (private individual gets hurt or injured on duty)

A professional in-home care company reduces these risks because it is dedicated in providing high quality, consistent care for seniors. For an in-home care company, it is imperative to build a reputation their clients and potential clients can trust, which is why they focus on hiring only professional trained, caring, and compatible caregivers.

The core mission of a professional agency is to provide an in-home senior care service that will help the elderly retain or improve their health to allow them to stay home and continue living in the comfort of their own surroundings.

Now ,this does not mean all senior care companies are the same.

You should still do some research in your local area and ask different agencies some of these questions:

  • Are your caregivers contracted workers or full time employees?

  • How do you hire your caregivers and what are the requirements to being hired?

  • What kind of training is provided?

  • Is there a contact that requires me to stay with your agency for a period of time?

  • Who can I call in case I need to communicate with someone right away?

Once you speak with a few different care providers, your choice should

make you feel confident knowing you'll be receiving an experienced and professional administration with an infrastructure in place to effectively screen, hire, train, manage, and support their employees and clients.

The right company fit to meet your required care needs can make all the difference in the quality of life you live when aging. We hope this guide has helped shed some light on the benefits of hiring a professional vs private caregiver.

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